IPG's Green InitiativeMeet Lili® - Lili® is IPG®'s environmental stewardship program and stands for "Low environmental impact line from IPG®."

At IPG®, our corporate commitment has and continues to be focused on reducing waste and any harmful environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process or footprint left behind by the extensive line of products manufactured and marketed by Intertape Polymer Group®. As one of the largest manufacturers of products that are a critical component of our economic backbone and consumed by manufacturing companies, fulfillment and distribution services that ship products to consumers around the world, we can't eliminate all activities that affect the environment. However, we can focus on the activities that can reduce our environmental impact because every effort makes a difference. That is why we introduced Lili®.

Lili® is more than the growing number of environmentally preferred products that IPG® is feverishly working to develop so customers can reduce their impact on the environment. Lili® is a commitment shared by the leaders and employees of IPG® to continually look for opportunities to lower our environmental impact so sustainability is within reach. We invite you to do the same.

A Lili® approved product or activity is one that is designed to reduce the impact to the environment in one or more of the following ways:
  • Reduces waste in the manufacturing process
  • Reduces the footprint left behind by our products, processes and employees
  • Increases the recycle ability of products through mainstream recycling
  • Provides an alternative solution to a less environmentally friendly product or application
  • Reduces consumption of raw materials, fuel and other energy sources
  • Reduces pollutants released through air, water or waste
  • Improves the safety and health of employees